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I’ve suffered with knee arthritis for years, and nothing gave me much relief. Healing Haven’s castor oil packs were recommended by a friend, and I decided to give them a try. The difference was noticeable after just a few applications. Not only did the pain decrease substantially, but my knee feels so much more flexible now. Highly recommend for anyone dealing with similar issues!
When my naturopath suggested trying castor oil packs for detoxification, I was skeptical. But after using Healing Haven’s packs consistently, I can vouch for the difference it makes. My digestion has improved, and I feel less bloated and more energized. It’s been a fantastic tool in my detox regime, and the ease of use with the packs is a big bonus. Definitely worth trying if you’re looking to support your body’s detox
I’ve always been a fan of natural remedies, and the castor oil packs from Healing Haven do not disappoint. I’ve used them for various purposes, from menstrual cramps to eczema. The quality of the oil is superb, and the packs make it incredibly convenient. Plus, I adore the fact that it’s all organic and ethically sourced!!
I used both castor oil packs last night and I loved them. The throat one has that great slide adjustment on the back so it gets an ideal fit and it’s comfortable. The big one is also nice, the buttons are easy to use, it doesn’t fold down like my other one. I absolutely love them 💥💥💪🙏



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